Sunday, January 20, 2008

Divine Intentions Goddess

Flowdreaming: Floating, Divine Intentions

Artwork by "Black UniGryphon" 烏獨角獸
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman  任思麒

As an artist I like to play arround with works and art...
I was thinking of "Flow" also as "Air" and effortless Flaiting... I really liked how this one came out:

Divine Intention Goddess by =BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Wallpaper Version:

Divine Goddess Wallpaper by =BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Alternative Colred version:

A Prayer For Narumi by =BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Original sketch:

Sky Floater by =BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

I'm glad to be doing more things with my art lately. ^.^

I'm in a Life Drawing class every Tuesday this seson! ^_^

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