Saturday, May 27, 2017

Digital Media Spring 2017 UMASS Boston

I'd been so strapped for time this entire semester, so I pretty much didn't blog. I was also working on an independent film with my friend whom is a television producer IRL. But, by Finals time, I couldn't work on it. I was already operating AT MY LIMIT the entire semester. But, this causes me to crash n burn because there's ONLY SO MUCH TIME IN A DAY, commuting cuts out of my productivity, PLUS I also needed to go to my work study job.

AND edit my spouse's English homework, PLUS almost every other day, and sometimes every day, I had to help him write, re-write, and edit his proposal for a giant scholarship that they gave him such a hard time, and the run-around over. I refused to write it FOR HIM. because that's unethical. But, towards the end, both of us were so fed-up with doing that and he openly said he no longer wanted to pursue it out of a deep seeded pessimism of trying for 4 years, he was told to keep doing it. Eventually, I was so fed up with working on that which distracted me from my own work, that I actually re-wrote whole sections of his proposal, especially the final draft. I was SO ANNOYED with him NOT listening to what I told him about grammar, punctuation, and capitalization and still doing the same WRONG things over & over, that when I was told that he was being urged to increase the funding amount significantly higher, I just went ham on it after reading the notes he was given from his feedback. Needless to say, he did get the huge scholarship, AND he's going to Japan on June 6th. And, no I'm NOT going with him 9because I'm often asked if I am)

Anyways, when finals time hit, I couldn't work on the film because I needed every moment I could get. I also helped my video classmates as well, because there was no one around to help them.

Anyways, here's my Digital Media Classwork:

This assignment was called "Identity Portrait".

This was an animated GIF assignment using Photoshop. You were supposed to use "appropriation". I did, but I didn't. Honestly, I don;t care to steal other people's works, but I did technically "appropriate" an existing visual which was the symbolic representation of Liberty and Justice. 

Anyways, this was hours and hours of work. I made everything from scratch BY HAND using my WACOM and referencing thousands of images online. In the "net art" spirit of "appropriation", since that's the vibe here, I actually licensed ALL of these graphics to the CREATIVE COMMONS so IF you would LIKE to use these images, so long as it's NOT COMMERCIAL, and NOT FOR PROFIT, you can use them all, TOTALLY 100% FREE.

The Laser Cut Box Project I Made:

Other projects I created in the Digital Media class were images created using text, and HTML coding from scratch, and also using DreamWeaver. 

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