Thursday, August 01, 2013

My Little Pony Decorate Your Own Blank Pony

I stumbled across the My Little Pony Decorate Your Own Blank Pony PYO/DIY completely by accident!

If you haven't seen my other PYO stuff such as Windstone Editions you can find the WIPs on my FaceBook Fan Page Photo Album Gallery HERE, or my Official Windstone Editions PYO Approved HERE.

Here is the Blog Post I made about all the figures I Painted.
You can also find me on Deviant Art

So, when I stumbled across them just recently, and earned a few dollars (since I'm totally broke), I got one! I got mine HERE.

Before I got the pony, I searched in vain to find a finished pony, but never found any. I could only find just blank ones, or other ones that came with markers. Well, this isn't that.

I originally assumed this would be the tiny FIM ponies, but when I got it, I was surprised at how much bigger it was than I thought!

I will compare it to the My Little Pony toys from the 2000s.

I will also be putting out an unboxing/review video on my YouTube Channel. (with my daughter "SaverCat")

Now compare the blank pony to the older ponies!

 See??? Very similar! 

This is what she looks like out of the box. Her hair is VERY messy!

So, since it's like I was saying, there's already a number of just blank ponies on the net right now. But, I haven;t found ANY WIS, nor finished DIY/PYO blank Ponies yet.

So, I'll be sharing mine... what I got so far is what I did with the hair...

The texture of the hair is distinctly like a Barbie head of hair to the touch, and entirely different than typical Pony hair.

Also, I used grape Koolaid to dye the hair...  

Ironically, it made the hair burgundy, and NOT purple!

Koolaid dyes the hair very quick because of the citric acid, so you don't need to add vinegar. But, the blue pigments don't take to the hair fibers like the red pigments in the Koolaid do. I had to dip the hair many times, to get a richer color, and sometimes slight purple streaks could be seen...

 However, the pony body & brush won't accept any of the coloring....

 I plan on painting the pony with the kinds of paints I usually use on other figures I painted.

So.... as you can see, she isn't finished yet...

But, if you would like to follow the progress of this pony you can follow my FaceBook fan page

Thanx for reading!

* For more info on Windstone Editions PYO and painting techniques, see the Windstone Editions' Info page. See also their PYO  tutorial download document.

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