Thursday, August 28, 2014

Boho Chic-ness Inspirations...

I've done stuff before that was very BOHO Chic inspired, etc...

I've been working on some knitting stuff since about may/June, and I need to redo the stuff all over...

So, I gotta take it apart... and rework it.

I finally got this necklace done... sort-of... but, now I think it might be better with a different chian, or better yet as a belt....

I'm trying to shoot for something more along THIS sort of vibe:

But, we'll see... I also have a number of projects to start or finish, and other things that need being done...

Monday, August 25, 2014

NJ BBQ Picnic Party Decor

As you may know, my father had a big Pig Roast BBQ Picnic Party this year in New Jersey.
I helped out quite a bit.

I worked pretty much the whole day just doing chores. This was all accomplished by the evening, which was when I shot these.

This is "the kids' table" which got moved further out when the waterslide was set-up.
It has bubbles for the kids to play with. ^_^

ALL of the cahirs you see were hand washed by me.

My father is on the side, if you look really hard, doing several racks of ribs in a smoker.

The portable fireplace was set-up.

A view of the greenhouse and a corner of the garden from the table I cleaned.

I worked really long & hard to get this table clean. It was filthy and covered in years of crud.

And the only thing next is the actual roasting of the pig, and the party.

Boho Decor 'Balcony' Update

I won't know about you, but all of this Bohemian/Boho Chic themed stuff is kinda blowing up all over the place! Looks like so many folks LOVE IT!
*waves hello to all the yuppies*

Well, as promised, because some folks were kinda eagerly awaiting on this update since last night & this morning:
HERE is my updated look at my New England so-called "balcony".

This morning & noon I set up my brunch with a foot soak, while I listen to my ULTRA MEGA IMPORTANT CONFERENCE CALL.

Today was actually somewhat hot, so I took off my robes...
The view from my seat.

Told ya.... My spouse moved these chairs outside now. the purple seat cover was hand-made by my mother-in-law last year.

The so-called power-wash and the squirrels made a mess on the floor...

The Korean sea salt is for the foot soak. You know it's good because it's from Korea. And some tools for grooming my feet....
Persian Cucumber slices, ripe raspberries & California black figs (all from Trader Joe's).
Foot soak with some bubbles, sea salt and green tea.
Since we're approaching the equinox very soon, there's just not much light here... :-/

There's my coffee. This one was a banana Split flavored Light coffee from Target's brand "Archer Farms".

After that comes some low carb, slow-cooked in a Bulgarian casserole pot chicken with walnut pesto, bruschetta, herbs, artichokes, chicken, and almonds, with an iced Rooibos Red Chia tea.

Yeah, that was a looooong conference call!

After that I headed off to the pool with my daughter to chill out with my neighbors. It's the only time or place anyone can really socialize, if you're not walking around... It's hot today.