Saturday, August 22, 2015

The DIY Mermaid Tail

Florence Scovel Jewelry
A number of delays set me back from doing this, including internet, weather, injury, new job stuff, and spouse.

It's basically 2 sets of old bike shorts/capri pants/leggings, that I cut up into segments, and reassembled them.

The fins are 2 SCUBA fins/flippers and an old vintage skirt over top.

My sewing machine broke several times, then I had to disassemble, fix, then reassemble multiple times.

The photo shoot outside was delayed several times due to job interviews, leg injury and hospital visit (me). I got so fed up, that I just went late in the mourning, not ideal lighting, and just shot some stuff w/my crutches.

There were also random storms on my free time days, and basically, "shit happens".

Whatevz... New Galaxy S6

Here's the video footage I shot on my iPhone:

If you want the songs/music  you can download them for free from my SoundCloud or NewGrounds.
The songs are totally FREE, and are licensed as Creative Commons. 
So have fun!Donwload 'em, share 'em, use 'em, keep, 'em. Whatever u want.

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DIY Mermaid Cosplay
Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
DIY Mermaid Tail Cosplay

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