Friday, July 07, 2017

UMASS Dean's List. June Arts, Film, n Animation

I just found out this morning that I'm on the UMASS Dean's List. Meanwhile they cannot decide of they want to give me Financial Aid.... oh, and my GPA is 3.775....

I can;t drop out yet, and I'm in limbo, so I can't even take another job because IF I get Financial Aid I will get punished for having a job... but, IF I do take a job it MUST be HIGH PAYING ENOUGH to insensitivity me to drop out. So, I cannot get a job UNLESS it's a Federal Wrokstudy, which I CANNOT even start yet, even tho' I could last year BECAUSE they took away my Financial Aid... only sort-of... hence why I'm in Limbo...

So, it CAN be fixed... but I couldn't go to the meetings, which must be scheduled because my car got totaled, and my Spouse was in Japan due to a major scholarship grant he got at UMASS, which I helped him to get. So, now that ALL of the July slot are filled up for these meetings at UMASS, I can't go and remedy this Limbo issue until I go to the meeting, and I can't even go until August. There was actually 1 other thing to remedy, but I cannot even do THAT until they tell me what to write AT THE MEETING. *loooooong reluctant sigh*

I did actually create a Portfolio for a specific studio in Burbank California and they also have a studio in Hollywood. I worked on THAT portfolio for over a week last month, and even redid it at least 6 times. usually whenever you send a out a portfolio to a studio or production house they always send you a courtesy email acknowledging that they got your portfolio. I actually never got one. I found that to be odd, and unusual, and it was half a month ago. perhaps that's a "No"? I have no idea. I also did some other work for a friend of mine in Burbank (nondisclosure) which I was SO happy & grateful to get! For privacy reasons I will not divulge any of these details.

I've done a lot of animation stuff in June, but also my daughter did as well. 

I just posted an update to my own film project HERE. <--- i="">Lots of details in this post.

I'm filming all weekend on "The Holy Maple Tree" again, and heading down to Philadelphia on Monday.

My spouse has returned from Japan & China, and will be getting a new car since the old one got totaled.