Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Black UniGryphon Logo Effects Motion Graphics Animation

 Messing with Adobe After Effects 2018 to do an animated Logo for my videos/films etc.

 I'd lost the original files of the re-colored version... in fact, I've had a persistent issue with these files. I'd colored & re-colored this sketch so many times, and had to start over multiple times over the years. There's multiple color versions of this in my gallery.

The lighting effects were done in several layers in various versions of Adobe Photoshop:
6.0, CS5, CC 2016, CC 2017, CC 2018.

But, this one started with a partially colored version, which was the only one I still had left on back-up in CD-ROM  DVD-ROM. I thought I had it on my thumb-drives, but couldn't find it.

Pretty much all these are Photoshop techniques that can be applied in layers in Adobe After Effects. I can do it in Premiere also, but After Effects is MUCH BETTER.

I wanted to play with particles, so here's the first one:

Adding fog/mists effects:

The Still Image:

Published here on DeviantArt.

I've also done similar Adobe After Effects motion graphics/effects animations with other old Photoshop artwork files. I had to re-paint and edit them for HD in the new Photoshop CC 2018.

I will most likely re-cut this, for a more graphical looking video/animation.  It's a bit to dynamic yet frozen in mid movement for such a slow piece. This is the downside of my art/drawing style... I'm kinda dynamic.

Misc. Notes:
* My Fursona is the Black UniGryphon (BlackUniGryphon) but she actually has a name: Valour Nikee. I just often don't use her name.
* The Black UniGryphon, Valour Nikee, is actually a shape-shifter character.
* She also had a Goddess shaped version

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Finishing up at UMASS Boston

As far as I can tell, I'm basically DONE at UMASS Boston. I have an exam on the 19th. And, I will still finish up my Work Study job in the Biology lab probably for Winter & Spring semester. But, basically I'm NOT enrolled in ANY classes. This stuff is so exhausting, and very expensive in both money and physical energy. I was trying to get an RA position job. But, they never called me, nor interviewed me, and I'm more than sure I was the 1st one. I got stuck with a debt of about $6K on my credit card which included a massive tuition charge and fees. I'd only JUST paid off my AIPH student loan from 2001 in July of this year.

Taiji Chuan Class at UMASS Boston
But, I ended up with so much B-ROLL, and I'm working on an independent film in Brockton, and 2 of my own Animated films with my daughter. So, It's all good.

This instructor had a film demo day, Eric Levine, in my Experimental Film Class and he had a comment about not just studying and majoring in Art, but BEING AN ARTIST, and he said don't bother doing it unless you really NEED it, because as an artist, the whole reason for doing art, and BEING and Artist, was because you really MUST DO IT, or you will DIE.  WOW! That is SO TRUE.

Anyways, since I'd shot SO MUCH B-Roll and footage, and several ideas burning within me, I came back to an earlier project  that I'd cut, re-cut, and re-edited so many times, due to sheer pickiness. Most of the footage was stuff I shot in the winter of this year (Jan-March 2017) . The Full story/stats are HERE.

I'd managed to finish it up in Sept/October when I was sick.

Production Still from my Video

I'd also managed to do a short animation based on some Ancient Greek Art: the Dipylon Krater:

And I also ended up making a Jack-'O-Lantern based on the Ancient Greek Artist Exikias' Ajax & Achilles:

I have no idea how the heck I pulled them both off, because I could barely even fit any of it in. imagine what they'd have been like if I'd had more time, and didn't rush.

Then, I got to also come back to revisit some older works and go from there in After Effects animation Experimentation:

Part of the reason I did these was because I figured I could use it in my Experimental Film Final. So, I did. The Full details are HERE.

Here's the Documentary footage:

Here's the clip I did for the presentation:

I also managed to go back to my old footage I shot in Fall 2016 (for UMASS Boston) and I edited it with some ambient music I made this year to make a mediation video which was a dream of mine for a few years. Full Details are found HERE.

I would like to also cut some of the other leftover footage/B-Roll and audio design a new version of this song for an evening setting.

I also managed to shoot a few photographic things also:

Eclipse Bokeh (August 2017):

New England Eclipse Bokeh

New England Eclipse Bokeh

July in Mount Laurel New Jersey:

Tiger Butterfly NJ Summer 2017 001

Tiger Butterfly NJ 2017 002

Water Wheel 002

Water Wheel 001

July in Weymouth, MA:


DIY Boho Decor Lanter Pot

DIY Boho Decor Lanter Pot


Glass Pumpkin

Boho Whimsical Lanterns
New 6 point star/cross filter for SLR Photography

Boho Whimsical Lanterns

Boho Whimsical Lanterns

Glass Pumpkin Decor

Glass Pumpkin Decor

Glass Pumpkin Decor

Glass Pumpkin Decor

I also shot some Cosplay of WottyX ^_^ at the UMASS Boston Anime Club.






Taiji Chuan Class at UMASS Boston
I didn't do as much creative things as I would've liked. The muses were tugging on me a lot. 

Some massive drama also went down on the Film I was working on. I'd started as just a Production Assistant (PA), and had been promoted to an Editor by Summer, and also Graphics, and often had to stand-in for the DP. Well, the DP fired herself in a blaze of glory because some bad stuff happened to her. It was another dramatic moment on the film, and we'd already had a number of those with cast. It resulted in my being Promoted to the Director of Photography (DP). 

The entire drama was so traumatic for the Director, and since I was fulfilling the semester at UMASS, the entire film mostly went on hiatus. But, since being promoted I changed a few things. I can't disclose much, but I will be insisting on a Lighting Director hence forth. Production will resume in Spring of 2018, however, the Producer/Director & I will be starting to Edit footage soon. I'm also putting in a lot of creative input for audio as well now even tho I'm DP which is more visual. I'm STILL 1 of the main Editors.

"Ying Qilin" promotional Graphic

Barefoot at UMASS Boston

Doing Homeork Outside at UMASS Boston
Other than that, I still want to peruse more Life Drawing practice, and wish to also wrap up "Maple Bacon" animated short with my daughter for my Qilin Animated Film project I started in the summer to learn Adone's Animate program. 

I also still have several experimental animation ideas I'd like to play with in Adobe Effects. I really want to get ALL of that stuff out of the way, before I can fully move onto my Qilin project.

UMASS Boston Art Department
I'm very much torn between working with cameras & video like Filmmaking, and Drawing and Animation. Animation and drawing is my GREATEST LOVE & PASSION, but I soooooooo enjoy cameras, and video editing, and all that stuff. I don't believe I will ever give them up. The other things I do creatively are just supplemental because I'm an artist.

Friday, July 07, 2017

UMASS Dean's List. June Arts, Film, n Animation

I just found out this morning that I'm on the UMASS Dean's List. Meanwhile they cannot decide of they want to give me Financial Aid.... oh, and my GPA is 3.775....

I can;t drop out yet, and I'm in limbo, so I can't even take another job because IF I get Financial Aid I will get punished for having a job... but, IF I do take a job it MUST be HIGH PAYING ENOUGH to insensitivity me to drop out. So, I cannot get a job UNLESS it's a Federal Wrokstudy, which I CANNOT even start yet, even tho' I could last year BECAUSE they took away my Financial Aid... only sort-of... hence why I'm in Limbo...

So, it CAN be fixed... but I couldn't go to the meetings, which must be scheduled because my car got totaled, and my Spouse was in Japan due to a major scholarship grant he got at UMASS, which I helped him to get. So, now that ALL of the July slot are filled up for these meetings at UMASS, I can't go and remedy this Limbo issue until I go to the meeting, and I can't even go until August. There was actually 1 other thing to remedy, but I cannot even do THAT until they tell me what to write AT THE MEETING. *loooooong reluctant sigh*

I did actually create a Portfolio for a specific studio in Burbank California and they also have a studio in Hollywood. I worked on THAT portfolio for over a week last month, and even redid it at least 6 times. usually whenever you send a out a portfolio to a studio or production house they always send you a courtesy email acknowledging that they got your portfolio. I actually never got one. I found that to be odd, and unusual, and it was half a month ago. perhaps that's a "No"? I have no idea. I also did some other work for a friend of mine in Burbank (nondisclosure) which I was SO happy & grateful to get! For privacy reasons I will not divulge any of these details.

I've done a lot of animation stuff in June, but also my daughter did as well. 

I just posted an update to my own film project HERE. <--- i="">Lots of details in this post.

I'm filming all weekend on "The Holy Maple Tree" again, and heading down to Philadelphia on Monday.

My spouse has returned from Japan & China, and will be getting a new car since the old one got totaled.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Recent Arts, Animation Experiments , and Filming Early June 2017

I'm trying to produce my own animated short, which involves practicing all kinds of things, because traditional animation involves LOTS & LOTS of DRAWING! But, since it's the new millennium that means LOTS OF PROGRAMS TO LEARN, which also involved PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

It involves Qilin (Kirin or Kylin), Chinese unicorns, dragons, etc!

Here is the Main BLOG: HERE

The Facebook PAGE: HERE

The Tumblr: HERE

I STILL haven't been able to get to doing Life Drawing, per se, but lots of OTHER DRAWING.

Since I'd launched my GoFundMe campaign I have been able to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud. I've been practicing that a lot. I also NOW can contribute as an editor and graphics creator on the the independent film (The Holy Maple Tree) I've been working on since November with my very good friend whom is the Director/Producer. I'd mostly been a P.A. doing mostly audio, but also prep for opening/closing film sets. I am truly lucky to have such a good friend! I've also made a lot of new friends and connections which have been SO encouraging, positive, and helpful to my life, creativity as an artist, and so on.

I've also been able to purchase many things that I NEEDED, which I budgeted for, including a condenser microphone kit! ^_^ 

I'm also still very grateful to my video teacher at UMASS for having opened up all of these opportunities for me.

I have also re-opened my Etsy. Nothing on it right now tho'. And, I ended up getting some paid freelance work (nondisclosure) from a very good friend of mine, going way back, and I was very happy to do this work. ^_^

Unfortunately, at the moment, my financial aid got stalled, and I cannot return to UMASS unless it can be resolved. I can't do anything about that until Mr. Wang gets back from Japan/China. I believe he's in China at the moment.

Also, an elder gentleman hit our minivan about 1-2 days before Mr. Wang had to leave to go to Japan. this had been a constant frustration ever since! The elder gentleman was so upset that he hit us, and was shaking & quivering, but he'd admitted he was guilty, and set up his very good insurance coverage for us. meanwhile, auto body shops are all on vacations lately. I did manage to get EXCELLENT coverage out of the medical aspect, and now I have full paid visits to the chiropractor! I am SO GRATEFUL!

I had to monitor my visits to the chiropractor, and I was almost halfway through my yearly coverage, which isn't much.  I didn't know what I would do, because I hurt my neck really bad! Luckily, the insurance gave me medical coverage! When I got the statement for how much they decided to award me, I was happy! I just didn't know how to work that out! SO, I hobbled over to the chiropractor, and told them my situation. When they found out how much I was getting awarded, they dropped everything, started making calls, and even started either helping me with paperwork, or doing it for me!

So glad that had been taken care of! Apparently my neck had some tissue tears, and had healed wrong. I get to go 3 times a week now! ^_^

Here's the animation stuff I've been practicing:

Studio Ghibli's OpenToonz:

I had pretty big hopes for this program. It's Studio Ghibli's open source animation program OpenToonz, which is entirely free.
Unfortunately, I found it to be SO ENTIRELY BACKWARDS which is much like how I feel trying to drive a Japanese car after growing up driving only American cars. It's just SO BACKWARDS, it often felt awkward. I was frequently lost. updates weren't making it better. It lagged when I drew. There was no precision in drawing. I constantly had to source tutorials on YouTube, but they often didn't help out.

The main thing I wanted to practice is a number of horse/equine walk cycles. It just makes logical sense. I want better quality animation, so the ONLY way to do that is to just PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Toon Boom's Harmony Advanced Version:

First Hair Cycle:

With 2nd Cycle started:
With both hair Cycles and tweens:

2nd Hair Animation with it's 1st Animation Cycle:

Finished Version with 2 hair cycles and a head turn at the end:


I mostly wanted to focus MORE on the motion, movement, animation, form, and timing, and not so much on the actual perfection of drawing, because it was making me crazy. I'm not accustomed to drawing with my WACOM "Bamboo" pad, I only use it for coloring the drawings I hand drew, then scanned. I like the feeling of real pencils and paper... but, I LOVE digital coloring.

Toon Boom Harmony (Advanced Version)

So, I gotta tell ya, I have ALWAYS loved TOON BOOM, and I HATE Flash! HATED IT! I remember when in was Macromedia, and I also remember Macromedia had this GREAT program called Director, which was pixel based and I LOVED IT. I could even do scripting/coding like it was breathing! I ONLY liked working in Flash, honestly, whenever my friend Kyle was with me, because he's like MAGIC. But, when he wasn't there, the magic vanished...

The kicker is this: I SO WANTED to actually BUY this program. I figured the Advanced version (since it comes in 3 versions now) would suffice.... BUT, none of the versions EXCEPT the Premium version do audio! WTF! I can't do the monthly subscription, because my spouse is a control freak, and would veto that, and I can't guarantee I can have enough income each month to pay it, so I prefer the bulk 1-year payment of programs, which are a better deal. The problem is the Premium version is almost $900! WTF! So, not going to happen.

Anyways, I already have Adobe CC now... which has their NEW version of what USED TO BE Flash...  Heidi says she thinks it's more like Toon Boom.... I hope that's true. *pouty face*

Fixing up my Vintage Animation from UARTS Phila and AIPH in Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Some Other Creative Stuffs:



Qilin Character Designs:

I have done SOOOOOOOOOO MANY sketches of new Qilin sketches! I'm NOT even gonna post them all here. You can catch them ALL in my GALLERY! Or a DIRECT LINK to the Gallery's Blog POST.

LIVE Photoshop Qilin Sketch Coloring:

It was suggested to me, a number of times to try LIVE STREAMING myself sketching, drawing, or coloring. At the moment, my ability to do this was rather limited. Live streaming on YouTube isn't always free anymore, and you need to download a private party client/application.

Also, my ability to stream content outward is capped by my ISP broadband (Verizon) even tho' I've been using them since GW Bush was president.

Regardless, a lot of my coloring process is up on YouTube right now. I can ONLY get it to recognize the old vintage Photoshop 6.0 tho'. Almost no programs can be viewed in the live stream.

So far, this sort of thing wasn't going very well for me.... so, I might not continue with it. I will, however, continue coloring the Qilin, so don't worry.

Other Stuffs:

I may, or may not, have been looking into a certain potential position out West... possibly doing a portfolio of that. I was inquiring to a close friend of mine in Burbank, about their thoughts on it, and it was pretty honest, and encouraging. I have pretty bad anxieties over it... but, I had been suggested to this certain thing (potentially) regarding me reaching out and submitting some sort of a portfolio. I had previously been rather depressed (and this goes back to at least 2015) so I just wasn't open to the idea, and had a very bad attitude towards it. But, I had been suggested this by multiple persons, a number of times, and even this year. I had been on my mind a lot.

I'd stumbled into it, yet again, recently because the specific thing is a sequel of sorts to a well known film from the 1980s, which I absolutely loved which is whimsical, fantasy, but also dark, and very in line with the type of things I would LOVE to work on. Even my daughter got wind of this suggestion, when I was talking to someone about it, and was like: Mom! That is so perfect for you! You should at least try it!   

I am also doing some graphics for the film I'm working on. We're often on this '90s stint. So, we wanted cheesey 90s looking graphics. We we actually shooting stuff at BTV, and going back again.

A post shared by Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

A post shared by Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

A post shared by Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

There's an actress on the film, Sissy, whom you may recognize from some major mainstream films, but much of the acting talent is pretty good, and some are quite established.

This film is SO MUCH FUN! I gotta tell ya! But, after an entire day of shooting, I'm so drained. It's kinda like when you were kid and played all day at a Theme Park... except we were doing serious film making... serious for sure. But, it's SO FUN!

We've shot in several locations, including Rhode Island, all over Massachusetts, and even at the Director's house. We did stunt car scenes, lumber jacks, 90s party scenes, Heaven & Hell, and love scenes.

I'd also done some spontaneous acting. I'm NOT AN ACTOR, per se.
So, the Director was like: Kandice, you wanna be a nurse today?

If I'd known I'd have lines, I'd be like: NO!

But, next thing i knew, I had 1 line, then 3, then, a whole part.

No idea how I pulled that off!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Sakura Digital Art at UMASS Boston and Creative Commons

IN the past few years, I had a very strong stint towards autumn/fall themes. This is probably due to us having very warm autumns and super cold springs, plus I was usually bedridden for weeks in the spring in the past 7 years. But, since it was Spring Semester, which ironically starts in the dead of winter, I decided to go with a Spring theme for the majority of my artwork this semester at UMASS Boston. That means SAKURA.

HONESTLY, full disclosure I HATE THE COLOR PINK! HATE IT! But, I don't hate pink flowers, or pink makeup. Weird, I know.... I was also fed-up with snow, and lilacs just didn't have the same vibes as sakura (cherry blossoms). Shocker! I know! Purple is my favorite color! But, whatevz... I went with pinks.

1 thing that I really don't like about studying Art at UMASS is the sheer lack of hands on training, lack of walk-through, and the emphasis more on dictatorial theory. My Digital Media class at least did have actual hands on, supervision, and walk-though demos most of he time. But, I went to AIPH and UARTS Phila. and well as BCIT Medford, which had ALL hands on, hours of time spent on working, learning, specialization, demo, and more. So, needless to say, I was often the person people came to for help. Or, I was sitting there with people trying to figure it out WITH THEM. If I DIDN'T know how, I was 100% honest and OWNED UP TO IT, but will still try anyway rather than worry about admitting I didn't know, and loosing face.

There were many things I wanted to do, wanted to learn, progress in, and I WISHED there was more time. One thing EVERY STUDENT universally agrees on is that we all wish we had MORE TIME to work on the Finals. Meaning final projects.

Honestly, I HATE rushing. I do NOT work well under pressure. I'm better when I can take my time, utilize ALL of my time, and do quality work.

So, much of my work was multi-tasked simultaneously so as to try and eek out every nano second. It was maddening, and stressful at times. During times I was NOT creating I was seething with aggravated resentment. Commuting, and work study jobs took time out of my productivity, and I have a problem with perfectionism to the point where I often get psychically sick over it. I also hate being late.

Since Adobe only gave me a small window of time to use their trail versions, and I had several computer crashes, malware viruses, and a Russian hacker robbed my DeviantART via PayPal, I was way past my limit. I'd promised myself I'd NEVER put myself though abuse like this, and somehow it ended up just as bad, or worse all over again.

I was super happy to get back into animation, where as I was scared of it. But, suddenly I was head-first back in. I found it was THE ONLY thing I wanted to do, all day, every day.

The first project I was thrust into was for Art On The Marquee. There was NO CHOICE. It was mandatory. This ONE project, which altho' I loved doing, was the source and cause of SO MUCH STRESS for me.

A post shared by Wenhua Shi (@wenhua_shi) on

I was stood up, berated, and given all sorts of conflicting demands. I'm a very lenient person, and if I like you, I'll put up with your faults, and so on, but there's just a LINE that you don't cross, and I get snarky. Well, I respected my teacher very much, and liked him a lot. But, he kept crossing that line, was incredibly hard on me, and in February once I was actually chosen to produce my animation, he BRAZENLY CROSSED THOSE LINES. 

Since last year, he'd acted as tho' this project was important and meaningful to him, and since January he just sprung it on us the first day. Mandatory. So, I understood (or so I thought) that this project mattered to him, and that it was important to him. But, he made a big deal about all 3 of us showing up EARLY on Thursday mornings to work on it together. He also told me to "take the initiative" because communication was (and STILL IS) an issue. I asked him many times: What do you mean "early?" What time?  he just told me he didn't know and "just early". 

So, because, I dunno, I have this weird thing called integrity, I got up way early, rushed to the university and stayed in the lab. I checked his office every 10-20 min, 1 person actually showed up. Hours passed. Then after 2:30PM he shows up, bursts into the lab stinking like food (we hadn't even eaten) pushes me aside, and tries to to this weird demo with the other girl in After Effects that makes no sense. he keeps messing it up, so trying to give some helpful input, he takes it the wrong way, and tells me to shut up. But, because I respect this guy, I keep my mouth shut and sit there.... 

I ask him where he was, and he lies to us both saying he was here all morning. I said no: I was here since 9:30, and she was here since 10. Then, he says, he was in his office. No he wasn't, we visited his office every 10 min, all morning and he was not there, AND he wasn't there at NOON, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45 or 1PM either. AND, we'd even wait there. 

It turns out he was doing a film demo to the movie club, whom didn't even care about it. 

He didn't answer emails, wasn't around during his office hours, and when he was there, he was running all over the place from room to room chatting with people but never in the lab, and if he was he'd ramble like a mad mad, and no one understood what he was talking about. When I'd approach him, he'd leave the room and say "I'll be right back" but actually went home. 

During February Break & Spring Break I had to go to the Convention Center, but he wouldn't even go. To my face he lied to me and said he would be out of town, and also reiterated this in writing in an email. He wasn't out of town, he was at home the whole time. He was publishing his activities to Instagram which we follow. 

I was beginning to feel used, resentful, and that this actually didn't mean anything to him. I kept feeling conflicted, and was often in denial. What? It's just this 1 time. Or, he didn't mean it.  Or, he's not that petty, he'd never intentionally do this sort of thing, he's better than that. Once it's a solid pattern, repeatedly, over & over, you can't make excuses for it anymore, and the stress starts building.... So, what was I doing all of this work for? I was doing it FOR HIM. He also didn't even credit me the extra 5 points to my final grade, and gave me an A-. He also kept taking on all these other jobs and projects, and went to places on the campus not related to the classes, and wanted us to do WORK FOR THEM like video games and so on. This is abuse. 
Mind you, this was someone I'd really looked up to, and admired. I'd stuck my neck out for this person. I'd believed in this person. I stuck up for this person, and saved his face many times, that he didn't even know about because he kept acting strange.

He was never available, and I had to get help from the person in charge of the project whom was way busier than he was. Also, that guy actually came to the campus and helped me finish it up on the final weeks, and never got to make it to the school before that due to blizzards. 

The day before the video final versions were due, all of a sudden he was in the labs. So, NOW you want to do your job? NOW you want to give me input? NOW you want to have a say? Where were you every week for months when I needed you? You don't get a say anymore. 

When the actual reception evening was held, he wanted me to save a seat for him, so I did. He put his stuff down, the scurried off. But, after that all he did was avoid me, he went to a table without chairs and insisted his back hurt, and that he wanted to view the Marquee, only to later sit down elsewhere WITH HIS BACK TO THE MARQUEE. 

He didn't want to be involved with pretty much any of it, including doing his duty as a teacher to me, it didn't matter to him at all, but he still wanted ALL of the credit.

He, and the university had me running around all over the place doing all kinds of things ALSO cutting out my productivity. I can't tell you how many times people didn't show up, or half-assed things. 

So, most of my work ended up just being experimental in nature, or exploratory.

Here's 3 of the Sakura Graphics I made:
I made them licensed to the Creative Commons for you guys.  There's a reason for this. As a person going through the student/educational system yet again, but in this modern contemporary world OI found it difficult to get images that were what I actually wanted, so I made my own, and I figured I'd apss it on to other students, and artists struggling with learning programs ALL ON THEIR OWN.

You can download and use them FOR FREE so long as it's non-commercial, and NOT FOR PROFIT.

Here's the animation experiments I acme up with in a limited time:

As simple as these animations are this was hours & hours and days of work, often all day, all night. I often had to redo everything all over multiple times, and even lost my temper. But, I've definitely learned so much from all of that.

Unfortunately, there wasn't time to do EVERYTHING I'd actually wanted to do. Hence why everything ended up being mostly experimental.

Final Animations:

If I'm being 100% honest and FRANKLY SPEAKING/WRITING I didn't actually want to do Stop Motion Animation, NOR 3D Printing much like last year how I also LOST my liking for Video Mapping after things not going right, altho' that's somewhat different. The ONLY reason why I used stop motion animation AND 3D printing was because he insisted on it. I was NOT even intending to have it in my final, but even tho' He'd told me I had free reign to do whatever I actually wanted, he changed his mind, because he has a bias in favor of those arts. Therefore, if I did NOT do those things it would've gone badly. It wasn't worth arguing with him over it, and he always would gaslight and change his story about everything.

I am NOT a 3D artist, I am NOT really a stop motion animation enthusiast.
Keeping it 100% REAL.
It's NOT that I can't do those things, or DON'T do those things... but, for me Stop Motion is too simple and easy. It's NOT the kind of challenging thing I'm interested in, and for me it's NOTHING for me to do. Actually, ANYONE CAN DO THAT even without trying very hard. It has NOTHING to do with me being an elitist, or a snob. I'm just not jazzed about doing Stopmotion Animation. I'm also NOT a MOTION GRAPHICS style of animator, which in my field of study isn't even considered an "animator". Why? Because I'm a traditional animator, and traditional animation is a different kind of field rather than just moving texts and gradient graphics over a video.

Traditional Animators are a different kind of breed, mindset, mentality, discipline, and so on. We draw. We like funny things. We have multiple skills that we integrate together. I specialized to be a traditional animator that was more on the Disney standard end, and NOT the Hanna-Barbera end. I realize that if you didn't study for this sort of field this analogy is totally lost on you. But, no matter how much I bend over backwards, and reiterate that I'm not a snob on this issue people will just see it whatever way they see it.

And, look. I get it. My skill level at present isn't what I would PREFER IT WAS. Let's face it, it just isn't. But, that's my point. I want to build it back up, and strive for the things that matter to me AS AN ARTIST.

I actually reshot my stop motion animation multiple times due to color keying issues in Adobe After Effects of Premiere, like Green Screen, which he insisted I do.

Remind me again. Why am I doing this? For him? Or for me? Well, if its about the grade, it's him... but, trying to please people by NOT being who I am is just NOT the way to go, especially when it's a cycle of contradiction, accountability, unprofessionalism, and abuse. Even at this moment I just DON'T understand how all of this devolved so badly. Like milk turning into curdled mush. I can't allow someone to bully me, and lie to me. I am so profoundly disappointed with him. I can't work with someone like that. :(

I need things that are the right kind of challenge, and environment for me as a person, as an artist. I'm really grateful to actually be back doing animation, I just wish it didn't spoil and go rotten.

I'm not slandering. I'm just stating my experience. 

Anyways, here was my Final:

Digital Media Spring 2017 UMASS Boston

I'd been so strapped for time this entire semester, so I pretty much didn't blog. I was also working on an independent film with my friend whom is a television producer IRL. But, by Finals time, I couldn't work on it. I was already operating AT MY LIMIT the entire semester. But, this causes me to crash n burn because there's ONLY SO MUCH TIME IN A DAY, commuting cuts out of my productivity, PLUS I also needed to go to my work study job.

AND edit my spouse's English homework, PLUS almost every other day, and sometimes every day, I had to help him write, re-write, and edit his proposal for a giant scholarship that they gave him such a hard time, and the run-around over. I refused to write it FOR HIM. because that's unethical. But, towards the end, both of us were so fed-up with doing that and he openly said he no longer wanted to pursue it out of a deep seeded pessimism of trying for 4 years, he was told to keep doing it. Eventually, I was so fed up with working on that which distracted me from my own work, that I actually re-wrote whole sections of his proposal, especially the final draft. I was SO ANNOYED with him NOT listening to what I told him about grammar, punctuation, and capitalization and still doing the same WRONG things over & over, that when I was told that he was being urged to increase the funding amount significantly higher, I just went ham on it after reading the notes he was given from his feedback. Needless to say, he did get the huge scholarship, AND he's going to Japan on June 6th. And, no I'm NOT going with him 9because I'm often asked if I am)

Anyways, when finals time hit, I couldn't work on the film because I needed every moment I could get. I also helped my video classmates as well, because there was no one around to help them.

Anyways, here's my Digital Media Classwork:

This assignment was called "Identity Portrait".

This was an animated GIF assignment using Photoshop. You were supposed to use "appropriation". I did, but I didn't. Honestly, I don;t care to steal other people's works, but I did technically "appropriate" an existing visual which was the symbolic representation of Liberty and Justice. 

Anyways, this was hours and hours of work. I made everything from scratch BY HAND using my WACOM and referencing thousands of images online. In the "net art" spirit of "appropriation", since that's the vibe here, I actually licensed ALL of these graphics to the CREATIVE COMMONS so IF you would LIKE to use these images, so long as it's NOT COMMERCIAL, and NOT FOR PROFIT, you can use them all, TOTALLY 100% FREE.

The Laser Cut Box Project I Made:

Other projects I created in the Digital Media class were images created using text, and HTML coding from scratch, and also using DreamWeaver.