My Custom Made My Little Pony Arts n Crafts

 My Custom Made My Little Pony Arts n Crafts

Apparently my My Little Pony ANYTHING is of interest to folks, all over the world. Who knew?

I guess you all wanted an easier, more accessible way to find all of that, huh?

OK, here it comes:

I'll pare you the whole background story of "I'm a child of the 80s" and so forth. i'm sure everyone is like that....

Here's my Nightmare Moon Jack-o-Lantern blog post: HERE

My Gingerbread Cookies Blog Post: HERE

Custom made, by hand Gingerbread MLP FIM themes shaped cookies with my daughter.

And here's the long process of my Custom Painted Blank Pony including several blog entries, some video clips on Youtube.

* Part I Unboxing
* Part II Kool-aid Dye
* Part III Trial n Error Paintjobs
* Part IV Finished with Decorated Box

Some of this content can also be found on DeviantARt, Pinterest, and Flickr as:


Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

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