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Music Videos By Beats Antique

Music Videos By Beats Antique


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exposé: Eric S. Sycz A.K.A. sycz33 FRAUD Hack "artist"

Exposé: Eric S. Sycz A.K.A. sycz33 FRAUD Hack "artist"


I'm publishing this exposé to expose someone for the fraud, hack they truly are.

As an artist, I have spent my ENTIRE life since I was a child to develop my skills, work with my own natural talents, and I have worked VERY hard on many of my REAL artwork. I'm also a mentor, and a teacher, and I've created numerous tutorials and help materials since the internet became a popular mainstream household item in my own country, let alone the world. I have done countless good deeds, and charitable gestures for FREE, because I believe in the better side of humanity, art, science, education, philosophy, and more. And, I generally don't even ask for anything in return.

I'm also usually very lenient on my fans. (And, sure, I've had some crazy mis fortunate interactions with some unhealthy fans in the past, but that's a whole other story.) But, I generally don't sue my fans.

Let's face it, there's always going to be fan kids that use my work for their RPGs, maybe even change the colors, or post 'em in their New Ager message boards... You know what, that's OK, I can let that slide. I'm NOT going to sue some kids. And, it's not like they're making money off of me without paying me, right? It's more like borrowing it because they loved my art... Yeah, I get that...

I also am pretty decent with my fans & admirers. I've often licensed my art/publishing for artists to use my line art to practice coloring, or I've even instructed people to try tracing a picture of mine a few times to help their brain understand it a little better.

You know, that's all fine. Education, and so on... That's what we call "Fair Use" it's legal, and I permit it. In fact, It makes me happy when people like my work. I worked so hard my whole life as an artist.

But, now, I'm going expose this person Eric S. Sycz A.K.A. sycz33 as the FRAUD he is!

This person, Eric S. Sycz likes to publish pictures, and claim he is the artist whom created them.

But, sad day for you, because I'm here to PROVE this guy is a Photoshop HACK!

This guy took clippings of my artwork, and NOT just ANY of my works, but from 1 of my MASTER PIECES of my ENTIRE LIFE'S WORK CAREER as an ARTIST, then did a Frankenstein hack job with MY ART, and spliced it all together in Photoshop and claimed it was HIS art!

It's My line art!

Not only this, but he might also be using other artists' work whom I don't even know about YET!

You know what? Eric, if you wanna claim "Artistic Interpretation" that's one thing, and yeah, it's legal... but, that's what "Pop Artists" and "Modern Artists" do. But, at least they own up to it, and tell everyone that's what they're doing! But, you went and claimed it was ALL YOU!

And, now, I shall proceed to rip you to shreds!

I got your name!
I got your E-bay Profile!
I got Your Flickr Profile!
I got your alias!
I got your stats!

And, now, I get to teach everyone, and all the people I've mentored about what NOT to do!


Eric S. Sycz A.K.A. sycz33

It first came to my attention from a pretty nice friend of mine, someone I'd mentored since she was a young person whom I love dearly, that someone was using my art. Now, I get this sort of thing from concerned friends at least a few times a year. If it's someone selling my art, or claiming to be me but isn't, I snuff it out rather quickly, if it's fan kids (which are generally harmless) I just have a look into it, then I generally let it slide.

But, this was something altogether a whole other ballgame.

So, I'm gonna "Santorum" this guy! (If you know what I mean. If not, Google it.)

The first thing which I found was this link right HERE:

Namely THIS:

From HERE:

It's from the Furry/Anthro (see anthropomorphic) Community. A website which gives a free internet publishing & socializing experience to people of the Furries Fandom.
(A Community of which I still very much love, referring to "Furries", and I've also done artwork of this type/style before, including as a dealer in the convention known as Anthoro Con)

But, that's the beginning of this guy's mistake. I'm still friends with lots & lots of Furries, and they're REAL artists like me too!

So, let's take a look at this guy's profile stats:

He has self professed to list his "Artist Type" as "Photographer"


Artist Type: Photographer

A Photographer, huh? As in You know how to use Photoshop?
That's interesting!

Oh, and for "Mood" he's listed as "Grateful"


Could it be he's grateful he knows how to use Photoshop and dupe everyone into thinking He's a some really great artist?

Hmmm... Could be...

So, if you're a Photographer, then WHY all these sketches?

Now, let's look at the main image in question:

Now, doesn't THIS look somehow familiar to you somehow?

It looked pretty familiar to my friend... wonder why?

Well, not ONLY does it look familiar to her, but it looks familiar to ME!

So, what does it remind you of???

Oh... I dunno... Maybe...


Soccer Gryphon Figure 2 of 3 by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART


That's 1 of my Master Pieces! 1 of my best Commissions I EVER worked on! It's sort of something I'm, oh what's the word...???? oh, yeah! It's kind of 1 of those things I'm famous for... (on the internet)

Yeah... a REALLY great Couple commissioned me to do a series of GRYPHON artwork for their soccer team (because they do coaching) and then they had BUS Decal Graphics MADE for the their team's bus!

They also still own the originals, and I still reserve my right to publish & sell prints of it.

Now, hold on now... Let's examine & scrutinize this a bit further...

When you look at the wings, compared to the body, doesn't the linework look different? You know what it looks like to me? It looks like my line art! But, Photoshopped!

It also looks like other pieces of art hacked up and reassembled Frankenstein style in Photoshop! Maybe, that's because it probably is!

But, oh, wait a sec'! I also found THIS:

Fascinating! It says HERE that Eric DOES use Photoshop! It also lists his name "Eric" his alias "Sycz33", his birth date. (apparently he's older than I am... so wouldn't he know better? One might assume so...)

Not ONLY does he use Photoshop, but he uses CGI POSER! You know why????
Because he's a HACK!

(Oh, I'm sorry... for those whom never studied computer animation, "Poser" is a 3D/CGI Animation Program which already has pre-modeled figures, that you really don't so much "animate" as much as you "choreograph" when you're a SHITTY ARTIST and couldn't be bothered to actually model your own animated characters! Then, the program & the computer does all the work for you... except it also LOOKS shitty, fake, and everyone will laugh about you behind your back whom can actually use a 3D program. Yeah, so Poser user = Hack)

Now, when it comes to art, it's normal for an artist to be "inspired by" another artist, another artists' work, and so on. That's normal, and that's fine. There's also when you like someone's style and try to learn how to draw the way they do... you know, education!

But, something you NEVER want to do is take credit for someone else's work. This is how you get yourself black listed.

In Journalism, you are supposed to cite your references, and we have such things as bibliographies, references, and so on. Otherwise we get into something known as plagiarism. That's why you should always cite your sources. (That's ALSO why there's SO many friggin' credits at the end of films!) It just correct.

And, hey, I'm all for "remixing" and "re-imagining", and creating new content from old content... but, you still gotta list the credit for your sources, your references, and so on. It also helps alot more when you ask permission...

That's what I do. I even credit people whom just slightly inspire me. I've even credited things that inspired me even when my new work is nothing at all like the things which inspired me.

But, do you see ANYWHERE on here where he cites me? He never mentions me, he never cites me, no links, no credits, NOTHING!

If you go to Google and type in "Dynamic Wings" Guess who comes up!
ME! "Black UniGrphon"! That's ME!

Front page!

In fact, if you type in "Gryphon" into Google klick "search" then klick on "Images" My exact SOCCER Gryphon comes up in the TOP searches! It's #18 on the 3rd row, in the 1st search!

Not only THAT but the original images I made of these, including the W.I.P.s have my NAME & Alias ALL OVER THEM! So, you can;t claim you forgot the name (mine) and lost it somehow... it's deliberate! Deliberate 'cause you're a hack!

Funny how you like to just disregard that...

Now, lets look at the description he wrote:

"Polar Bear God God of all Bears

I made this one with a 75 years old drawing Leads from 1935

My" GOD i Love my Art work!

P.s for all my Watchers you are going to love the next one i am doing.

But, it gets even better! I'm not even done yet!

Oh??? So it's antique "leads", huh? As in Graphites?
Funny thing about Graphite is that THOSE are kinda blackish... but, THIS is Brown!
It's FUNNY because it's PHOTOSHOP!!!!

Then he goes on to say ,to God, how he LOVES his ARTWORK! No, I think you LOVE Photoshop! And, those wings are MINE! You didn't even bother to change them!

Not only that, but their proportions and angles don't even match the figure!

Then, finally, he tells his "watchers" that if they like this one that they'll LOVE the next one!

Oh, yeah, dude! I am SOOOOOO going to LOVE THIS! (In fact I've seen "the next one"!)
What I love the MOST about it is how I get to rip you to shreds with my Gryphon talons, online for all to see! FOREVER!

If you klick on his gallery you can find OTHER images he "created".

You can also find images of his pet dogs.

And, when you look at the different images, you can kind of start to notice there's no 1 particular style... I honestly wonder whether they're all some sort of hack-job of so many other artists' work, then slapped into this gallery and he sits back and claims it's all him who did it... I actually can notice there's some pictures that remind me of other artists, one I know, and it really vexes me!
(Keep in mind, this guy isn't even claiming to be a Pop Artist, or a Modern Artist. that's what those kinds of artists do. It's also legal. But, they own up to it... this guy still is claiming it's all him!)

But, also you can find yet ANOTHER series of W.I.P.s of a NEW hack-job he's doing, again with my wings!

This time, you can CLEARLY see he used tracing paper! (Yes, I know how to use tracing paper, I'm a traditional animator, and I know what it looks like when it's transferred onto paper which it clearly has been done HERE! I also HATE tracing paper! I like doing REAL art, because it looks BETTER!)

But, what's this??? The SAME BEAR HEAD! Exactly THE SAME!

Look, you're REALLY making yourself look BAD! It's all you!

OK, here! Let me show you something interesting!

In his NEWEST hack job using yet again MY WINGS, and Not crediting me, and also using tracing paper, he's also using THE EXACT SAME BEAR HEAD! THE SAME HEAD! And, THE SAME Mistake on THE WINGS!

You can find the W.I.P.s here:



Now, let's move on to some more digging I did.

Turns out he's ALSO got a new account on Deviant Art!

Wow! Guess what Eric! That's my turf! I'm all up in there! And, so are my friends! Real artists, and Real Photographers!

Oh, check it out!

( See also: )

So, remember those dogs in his gallery? You know, the photos!

Yeah! Found this guy on Flickr!

You can see more photos of his dogs, and you can also find figures of BEARS on a table, or framed art of BEARS on the walls...

So you're "type" of artist is a "Photographer"..... but you're shooting on an HP PhotoSmart R607??? Are you kidding me???

Honestly, I think you're Photography is so-so... But, I'm no Pro... yet, I'm sure I know at least a few things....

Hmmmm..... I'm wondering if MAYBE you might not be a Photographer either.... You just really like the Photoshop...

Now, here's the BEST part!

Eric! I found your E-Bay account... inactive as it is... But, quite an interesting bit of data we have here!

We can clearly see Eric's E-bay Profile HERE

Remember THE DOGS???

Oh, look! It's that dog again!

Well, scroll through this guy's stats! You can see that he QUITE often not only sold things, but also BOUGHT things! Over a period from 2005-2007.

So, you don't have a problem paying people for goods, or services then, do you Eric? Well, you didn't seem to have a problem with it back then... (The economy wasn't so great back then either... so, what made you stop?)

Hey, I'm not asking for money or anything... but, I find that SOOOOO very INTERESTING that you're willing to actually pay for things, and even sell things yourself... but, when it comes to art... you not only won't pay, but Steal it, then claim it as ALL YOU! Couldn't even pay me my due by mentioning me in the credits... oh no...

That's OK, because you're PAYING FOR IT NOW!

See, there's this little thing called Credibility, and I'm kinda funny about that! Turns out most people are!

I wonder how many OTHER artists you did a Frankenstein hack-job with! {:-? Well, I guess they're all about to find out, NOW! Won't they?

Good luck getting a job someday! You know when Employers are hiring, they search your name on Google....
I wonder what they'll find....




Now, I hope that all of those whom I have mentored, and my mutual artists friends will learn about what NOT to do, if they don't already know.

The moral of the story is: DON'T be an Eric S. Sycz33!

Thank you to all of my fellow artist friends for all your support!

And, I hope you guys have as much fun with this guy, and passing this around as I am!


And, in MY WORLD I am King Odysseus!

And, I have appeared to restring my bow and smite you with my arrows of Truth!

(Referring to: "The Odyssey" A famous Ancient Epic written by Homer in Ancient Greece.)

You can lie all you want, and pretend all you want. But deep down inside you will always know YOU will NEVER be ME!

ONLY I Am The Black UniGryphon!

And, now so many artists emulate MY style since I started publishing it (and my gryphons) from 1999 on! No one can ever touch that, nor take that from me! I challenge my own limits, and I helped people/artists to challenge theirs. You just took what was mine, hacked it up and tried to be me!

You are just a donkey in a Bear skin.

But I am the reality...

Ok, the Goddess of Disillusionment has left the building...

Oh, and Eric, YOU GOT SERVED!
Get ready!

I'm about to expose someone "artist" to be the Hack & Fraud he actually is!

Oh, it is ON!

Fear Me! For my wrath cometh forth for thee!
For mine wrath be just. My wrath be fierce!

And, lo, the readiness is all I have before I let loose this rubber band that I have pulled back so tightly!

Whoa unto thee, for it shall snap!