Thursday, May 18, 2017

Updates Coming

I have quite a bit of updates coming to blog, but I kinda banned myself from blogging at night... I'm kinda breaking that right now... but, whatevz...


I have a lot of stuff to blog about for my whole UMASS Boston Spring 2017 Semester; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Film pun COMPLETELY INTENDED... because I did 2 video classes + digital media)

Anyways... I'm sure people wanna see THE JACKALOPE.

If you happen to be in Boston, drive by The Boston Convention center. I'm sure u'll see it.

Stress is something I really have to deal with, head on, and by head on, I actually mean avoid, cut out, eliminate.

I was in the emergency room, because I overdosed on doxylamine (sleeping pills) trying DESPERATELY to get some sleep because I hadn't slept in 7 days, and needed SLEEP SO BADLY because I wanted to finish my HTML coding for my Digital Media, and my brain just wasn't working without sleep. Whenever I get anxiety, I can't sleep. Insomnia is THE WORST, because I would lay in bed completely exhausted, and millimeters away from sleep, but never reaching it... it was like being too tired to sleep.

I had promised myself I would NEVER abuse myself like this, and I let myself get pushed anyway...

I kinda got snookered into some people pleasing patterns again... and that doesn't always end well...

Anyways, I have new stuff coming up also.

It's a new take on my "Eyewitness" project... But, with Qilin!

So, more of that coming up.... maybe, possibly, probably, perhaps, some bigger news with that.... next month? *knocks wood*

I also have some new FREE CREATIVE COMMONS stuff that I added to my gallery.

Also, I'm still working on my friend's film, and we resume shooting this Sunday.

So, I will try to blog more of that as well. I need to finish up my work-study job this week also.

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