Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stupid things People Say To Artists

Stupid Things People say TO ARTISTS:

* Ur a good drawler.
* Did u just draw that? (as the pencil is in ur hand sketching)
* Where did u learn to draw? (but doesn't actually care about the answer)
* Ur gonna be soooooooo FAMOUS! Ur gonna make so much money! (as ur drawing a simple doodle that obviously sux to anyone that can actually draw, because non-artists no nothing about art)
* OMG! One time my friend drew this awesome rad skull picture! U know him, right? (No, I don't know every other artists in the world)
* Oh, they're having a stupid art gallery show today. Art is stupid. Hey lady, do u come here often? Want my number? (Then you tell them ur an artist, that's why ur there, and SUDDENLY ART is all MIND BLOWING to them, then u point out the picture ur standing in front of and they don't even believe u made it. What? Girls can't do art?)
* That's a great painting! (But, ur sketching with colored pencils or using pastels or charcoal)

* Also everyone assumed that being an artists means u ONLY DO PAINTINGS. No, I mostly sketch things, use computers, and also build things by hand. Painting is kind of expensive.
* U sell prints of things, but NOBODY understand what a print is, but that ACTUALLY majority of folks understand the word lithograph... WHAT???? And, NO, It's NOT technically a lithograph. Its' nuanced.
* People always thinks all artists have attitude problems, they're temperamental, moody, insane, emotional... um... do realize how many really BLAND artists there are that I know? There's the types where EVERYTHING is WHITE, or BLACK, or "simple", or "minimal".
* Everyone assumes I own and wear a beret, or speak French... nope, I speak English, and some German and Chinese...
* People think artists play jungle drum music and spin around flinging paint everywhere... Why the heck would I do that? that's stupid!
* All the tons of stupid sexual jokes about how artists are obsessed with "texture", usually referring to my pubic hairs. Um... defiantly not going home with you tonight...
* people are shocked that a lot of artists like power tools... um... yeah, I make stuff... I need power tools.
* People think math is useless, but I often use basic geometry to keep things even, layouts, symmetry.... I'm pretty sure the basics were worth learning...

*People whom smear at me, and my art all the time, but them demand I do work for FREE for them spur of the moment.
* people that are also artists, but not very good ones, then send me gushy fan mails thinking to butter me up then DEMAND I do thousands of dollars worth of work, like digital coloring JUST BECAUSE they think they are kissing up to me...

*Corporations with big budgets that want to use ur work FOR FREE and say u will get "exposure". How stupid do I look?

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