Saturday, December 10, 2016

Black UniGryphon Fursona Animation Idea?

So.... I don't want to put it out there as a sure thing, but it's been on my mind CLEARLY, sometimes obsessively... and it was always SOMETHING I'd  wanted to do anyway...

But, I keep on thinking of TRYING to do an animated logo of my Fursona.
Kinda like this

Only ACTUALLY animated... but just a "held cell".

My drawing ability isn't as good as i would like it to be... but, I am working on it...

I'm known for doing wings, dynamic poses, and HAIR, as well as fantasy stuff such as GRYPHONS, UNICORNS, and DRAGONS...

I've actually been seeing it in my mind, often since the end of last month and the beginning of this month... I could almost thumbnail it out how I want the simple scene to go... ALMOST...

It's an interesting challenge, and I DO HAVE OPEN TOONZ.

OPEN TOONZ seems to be like a mystery, because ever since it came out this year as open source nobody really knew what to do with it, and even now that almost a whole year has passed trying to find so-called tutorials often end up showing that the artists actually doesn;t know the program that well, either, and it's more of a demo than a tutorial. I've also sat through some people live streaming working on stuff, and they often seemed lost as well....

But, at least there ARE resources out there now, because at the beginning of the year, and even middle of the year it was kinda hopeless, and I often felt flustered.

AT LEAST I actually got OPEN TOONZ to function on my computer.

It's still a back-burner thing tho' because I have reasons for wanting to storyboard my Eyewitness animated short that could actually go somewhere... So, as soon as I'm totally DONE with my film AND this semester at UMASS I want to spent most of my creative effort working towards getting at least some rough storyboards actually sketched out, plus trying to get back into the croquis sketching. because I would REALLY like to try to see what things I could also do with OPEN TOONZ.

I'm hoping to play around with it at some point.

I feel like if I could JUST GET more time into at least 6 months worth of life drawings in quick gesture croquis I could get back to where I was about 2008-ish, or better like 2001-2006-ish.

I notice that people often tend to be like whatever towards me... or, don't know what to make of me...
but, when they actually see my actual artwork, it's this WHOAH, or WOW thing that happens...

This actually recently happened to me recently with a few of my video/animation projects at UMASS.

So, I know I haven't lost my ability, nor my vision.

Not only do I feel there is MORE I WANT to do, but there's so much MORE that I COULD DO.

Like, there's STILL a ZENITH somewhere, out there, and I still want to reach it.

OK, LIFE! Would u please stop being obnoxiously unreasonable n get ur stuff together because i would LIKE to  actually be a LOT more productive! Just knock it off with all these stupid needless setbacks, already! Thanx!

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