Monday, August 25, 2014

NJ BBQ Picnic Party Decor

As you may know, my father had a big Pig Roast BBQ Picnic Party this year in New Jersey.
I helped out quite a bit.

I worked pretty much the whole day just doing chores. This was all accomplished by the evening, which was when I shot these.

This is "the kids' table" which got moved further out when the waterslide was set-up.
It has bubbles for the kids to play with. ^_^

ALL of the cahirs you see were hand washed by me.

My father is on the side, if you look really hard, doing several racks of ribs in a smoker.

The portable fireplace was set-up.

A view of the greenhouse and a corner of the garden from the table I cleaned.

I worked really long & hard to get this table clean. It was filthy and covered in years of crud.

And the only thing next is the actual roasting of the pig, and the party.

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