Monday, August 25, 2014

My Lil' Summer Boho Party Spot At The Picnic

My lil' Bohemian party spot beneath the trees! 
That big blue thing behind the trees is the giant water-slide!

Libby was pretty excited to give me this table set! It was VERY nice, and generous of her! She said she got it at Aldi's , I think...
Anyways, she told me to go set-up my table set, and make a lil' party area for myself, and my friends.

I threw my sarong over this double camping chair thingy. I figured if I made it look Hippie-ish/Bohemian, no one (especially perverts) would annoy me... that DID actually work, until the bearded yuppies figured out my friends were COOL in the evening and wanted to play Karaoke with us. 

I actually only invited a few folks, because the last time my father had a pig roast picnic, some stuff didn't go very well.... i.e. overly late, broken promises, mixed messages, and different friends not getting along with each other... and stinky smokers. And, somehow I'm supposed to be the one to apologize for all of that???
So, I only invited my closest friends from Philly, and nobody from NJ. (Not sorry either.)

You can also see my camera bag in the photo, my quilted bag, which I did some knitting with while waiting for my friends to arrive and hiding from sexual deviant perverts.
Wow! Good thing I invited George! He looks SO HAPPY! I don't think I've ever seen him THIS happy EVER!
Fun factoid: my friend George here also has the same birthday as I do, but a year later. ^_^
My bestest buddy Pebbles, AKA Pirate Pebbs, amount other nicknames.
Jerome AKA Stanley, also is a dude of many many names, and talents, like my other friends.
He's drinking the cider! ^_^
Yes, we had to wear name tags. Mine said "The Awesome".
Jerome's said "Stanley Sir Psycho".
Party time FTW!
Pebbles also brought her mom, whom I am also friends with, and her BF arrived in the evening, Paul whom is also my friend and a kool nerdy/geek like us. ;)
Yes, not only are were pretty much all artists/creative types, we're also geeks or egg-heads.
Here's the view of a section of the party from my seat at my bistro table. ^_^
After my friends set up on-the-spot portable Karaoke since they're DJs AND Karaoke MCs for a living, the other yuppies wanted to sing with us and played country music songs with us.
Somebody was kind enough to give us a tiki torch... but, I have no clue who, or when because i was so drunk...
Looks like we also got a pest/mosquito candle. Thanx whoever put those there! My formerly drunken ass salutes you!  

The rum bottle was a gift from my lil' bro', and I also got a bottle of French Pinnacle Vodka, and apple cider (real cider). There was also a ton of other stuff to drink at the party, including alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Anyways, now you can see Alexis (Pebbles' mom, and hr BF Paul) and you can also see why drinking + photography is bad....

I think this might've been one of my KTV songs I picked... I don't specifically recall... because I was SO DRUNK... I usually do '90s music.

Well, I guess that was a success!

And, that's a wrap!

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