Saturday, February 14, 2015

DevArt Valentines

Saks Fifth Avenue - UKSo, I saw there was this new feature on DevArt with Valentines, n I tried to make a morbid valentine with their on-site program artsy thingy, and NOTHING happened... I also found it frustrating...

But, my daughter figured it out, n scolded me for being dumb & lazy... :-/
Hey! I worked a lot on that dumb thing! Not my fault DevArt didn't let u do it on their own programs...

So, she made me MAKE ONE FOR HER.

So, I made this ULTRA SIMPLE one... since she robbed my WACOM again!!!!

It stinx, but people ACTUALLY LOOKED AT IT, USED IT, and FAV'ed it! WTF?

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