Monday, May 27, 2013

Found A Belly Dancer Remake

I had to share this! :D

I generally licence my art sketches/line-art to the kids so that can practice coloring, and stuff. It's FREE and good practrice when your studying arts!

But, this is the first time I've EVER come across a re-make of my human figures! ^,^ Usually, I see kids doing re-makes, re-interpretations, or inspired pieces of my griffins unicorns, dragon,s and especially my wings.

So, THIS was a rare find! ^_^ Thank you Google!

It has an anime feel to it! ^,^ The artist even dis variation on my hair, and not only the pose, but the same hand gestures. ^_^

Well, makes me feel happy that I put my work out their. I felt like no one really liked my art anymore. And, I've been very depressed for a number of years. 2009 was a really bad year for me.

Here you can see the full version of this re-make:

Belly Dance-Art trade with Toshinden-fanclub by ~cupcake2088 on deviantART

Here's my original 2008 peice:

Turkish Bellydancer by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

That's Lively (my character). My stuff is never blond. but, I licensed the line-art so that kids could have fun with it. ^_^

I've actually been considering all month whether I ought to do a blog just based on my character, "Lively".

Does it seem like a sign???

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