Saturday, June 14, 2008

Double Tailed Mermaids: Rough Coloring

Double Tailed Mermaids: Rough Coloring
Artwork by "Black UniGryphon"
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

2 Double Tail Undines 01 by =BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

2 Tails Undine Stride by =BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

These are more of a rough colored ideals of my playing with colors and possibilties... lot's of day dreaming going into these... ironicly, Starbucks went back to their old Logo (for their New Logo) of a double tailed Mermaid...

Still unsure what I want to call them: Undines, Mermaids, Melusine (after teh famous ancient fairy tale), Nixies, water sprites, ellementals, etc...

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