Monday, March 07, 2016

My Art on Textiles

The CEO of a company "VIDA" e-mailed me this morning with a special invitation to submit my artwork for some textiles. I e-mailed her asking what she wanted, but never got an answer. Meanwhile, I did try to submit some artwork.

If you are interested here it is: KLICK HERE

 Apperently, you can get a $25 gift-card.

Here's some Coupon codes:

Purchase Artist Wholesale: Receive 15% off when you buy 5-9 units of a design (use code: ARTIST15), receive 25% off if you buy 10-19 or more (use code: ARTIST19) and receive 35% when you buy 20 or more (use code ARTIST35). With Artist Wholesale, you can sell your items at the MSRP listed on our site and earn up to 30% of revenue share, instead of the standard 10%.

I'm actually, INCREDIBLY busy right now! I have 2 new temp jobs. Just got out of the hosptial with a false misscariage of sorts. Really scary stuff.

I'm no stranger to online markets that print art... I've probably done over a half a dozen already.
This one is actually pretty expensive.

Even tho' I have made sales throughout my life on some of the site, it's pretty rare, and very small money. Usually, people tend to just ROB my art, and not buy ANYTHING!

I pretty much LOST almost a decade's worth of my work in January due to a malware virus.
So, I don;t have the original source files for this, and the resolution isn't the best ever.

I do not have time to totally re-do everything from scratch. And, that's HOURS of work, which never paid off in the past anyway...

Anyways, I kindly submitted some artwork. And, I've taken the time to promote it.

I did NOT know that I was going to have to plug & pedal this stuff myself, or I wouldn't have done it at all in the first place. When I read the forms today it said NOTHING about it...

Whatever, I've done whatever they wanted, I guess... and I don't have anymore time to do anything else...

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