Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tribal Silver Beads Necklaces & Boho Scarfs

Tribal Silver Beads Necklaces

Despite how tragically stressful & frustrating a winter I had, I had a strange luck in December and went to my father's house in NJ for Christmas.

 My step mother took my daughter & I out to Joann's and got all kinds of bargains...

I also learned knitting. This was made from Turkish yarn. So my step-mother started this scarf, and I finished it.

Then, I made a 2nd one:

Now, the bulk of what we picked out was beading stuffs... we went to town on beads! It was like a dream come true! Stuff I'd been dreaming of doing for 2 years! And, I got EVERYTHING!


The very first necklace I made, I've actually made, and remade, and restrung several times. I'm finally satisfied with it now. I also couldn't wear them in  the winter because the sub freezing temperatures could cause them to break, and loose all the beads, because I strung them on wire... and I have already learned that lesson the hard way.



Glass Beads, Tribal Silver beads, and Agate Stone 

This one too forever for me to work out, and I kept postponing finishing it. Finally when I finished it, it fell apart while prepping it for photography, so I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN!

It's made from mostly silver beeds, and tribal Silver beads, as well as LARGE glass beads & watermelon beads 2-Hued Green/Magenta glass beads both from the Czech Republic.
The silver beads are from everywhere: Mexico, PR China, Turkey, India.

Triple Agate Stones & Tribal Silver Beads
with some black pearls & watermelon glass beads from the Czech Republic

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