Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exotic Dancer Themed Artwork

Exotic Dancer Themed Artwork

I have ALWAYS liked the Oriental, and exotic themed artwork, everything from Star Trek, to Gogo dancers, to night club & Ravers, or Gypsies, and fairies.

If you were to flip through my sketchbook from middle school, you would see the same theme. I just feel that women are beautiful.

A large influence for this was American Comic books, especially Marvel Comics, Disney, vintage Hollywood films, Science Fiction films & TV shows, most especially Star Wars & Star Trek (ALL OF THEM), but I also LOVED to watch Xena; Warrior Princess, and Hercules.

I also liked strange Hong Kong films, and even some Japanese cartoons. And, MTV too.

Here are just a few simple sketches I did a few years ago:

The Entertainer by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Angellic Danceress of the Sun by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART
The Nike of Personal Passion by *BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Maiden in The Apollo Sun by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART
Apollo Maiden in Green by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Here's an old one (1996):

Reflections by *BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

Lively Flying thorugh The Clou by ~BlackUniGryphon on deviantART

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